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Our main business deals with Low-Density & High-Density Polyethylene however, we can work with any post-industrial grade plastic in any shape or form. We can process any size, shape, or weight of product with our cutting-edge technology. We can also take care of your paper rolls in addition to plastic.

For over 10 years, BSD Plastics has offered extensive recycling services to the plastics industry. We are a full-service recycler and reprocessor with a dedicated fleet of trucks for fast service, and we can manage all commodity films and engineered plastics. All of our material is disposed of and repurposed in the production of a wide range of products. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or toll—we can help.

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Quick Payment System

Our customers are purchasing our products for both recycling and reuse. Because we look for the best end user for your materials, our pricing is always competitive. We use a simplified approach to issue money as soon as we receive each shipment of recyclables at our warehouse, unlike many recycling firms that take weeks or even months to recompense you.

Materials We Sell
Freight & Drop Trailer

Our efficient, dependable pickup service makes it convenient to dispose of your recyclables and turn them into a source of revenue for your company. Dropped trailers can also be provided to your company to help conserve space on your floor.

What We Buy

We value loyalty and commitment by giving you the best prices & service we possibly can.

Here at BSD, we work hard to maintain our relationship with other companies whether it be purchasing their scrap materials or providing them with their reprocessing needs and materials. We aim for long term deals that will be beneficial for your company and ours. Feel free to let us know what prices you aim for and the setup ideal for you.

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Do you have 10,000 lbs. (4,500 kilos) or more of HDPE, LDPE or PET items or PP/PE caps to recycle? Give us a little information about what you have available and we’ll get right back to you with a quote.

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